Inspired by "Architecture is the thoughtful making of space" - Louis Kahn, we at DSCA believe that thoughtful design is the driving principle of incremental innovation for the future. It's easy to equate "innovation" with "technology- led advancements", however we encourage not overlooking the smaller, incremental changes that advance and improve existing architectural techniques.

The key academic objectives which DSCA aims to develop are:

  • Critical Thinking : which creates the forward momentum needed to regenerate our world.
  • A focus on what's essential : the true essence lies in minimalism and emphasis on balanced yet sustained growth.
  • Enthusiastic Approach: architecture is a language carrying various dimensions and it's our responsibility to approach each dimension with great zeal.


The values that drive DSI and support its vision:

  • The Pursuit of Excellence- A commitment to strive continuously to improve ourselves and our systems with the aim of becoming the best in our field.
  • Fairness- A commitment to objectivity and impartiality, to earn the trust and respect of society.
  • Leadership - A commitment to lead responsively and creatively in educational and research processes.
  • Integrity and Transparency - A commitment to be ethical, sincere and transparent in all activities and to treat all individuals with dignity and respect.


The values that drive DSI and support its vision:

  • To development the teaching process such that it includes lateral thinking capabilities in the students.
  • To develop the school into a complete centre of learning for design studies by..
    • By grounding the Bachelor’s Program on solid foundation by bringing in multiple thinking approaches to the design process
    • By Setting up the Master’s Program after the first three batches of Bachelor’s Program has passed out
    • Eventually develop the school into a premier centre for Habitat Research
  • To create an environment for learning that incorporates a constant interaction with the industry.