A brief history about our company

The DSCA (Dayananda Sagar College of Architecture) is housed in an independent building with design studios, lecture halls, library, CAD Lab, model making workshop, material museum, construction yard, etc.; situated in the campus of DSI. The School of Architecture has other exclusive facilities such as high-end computers with peripherals, Student-friendly drawing Tables, Classrooms equipped with design studios and LCD projector screens, the library houses over 600 books with over 100 titles on architecture and allied fields, tie-up with other libraries in the integrated campus.

Sports facilities and playground, state of the art gym, yoga center, boys and girls hostel facilities and other amenities like canteen, common rooms, etc.; is available on the campus.

Other important facilities are first aid cum sick room, in house stationery shop, student’s center, and student counseling center.

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